Chic Cinque Terre

 Chic Cinque Terre


From Monterosso al Mare to Riomaggiore, the life becomes more remote and traditional. All these five towns are nestled on the steep mountain slopes along the Mediterranean  Sky Eden@Bedok Showflat coastline. The people are simple, friendly and have different dialects in all the five regions. There are steepy vineyards and olive groves along with colourful houses facing the blue and turquoise Mediterranean Sea. These grapes and olives farms along with fishing is the chief way of earning bread in the region.

You would easily reach there through train or ferry.There are modern hotels or traditional taverns that serves regional exotic regional food. This car-free exotic park offers scenic views of rugged landscape, a cemetery at the top of mountain facing the sea waves where the graves are nicely adorned with fresh flowers, narrow colourful cobblestone streets, private rooms to stay there and above all the magnificent views of sea and sky when they meet in horizon romantically. Let us see what this chic Cinque Terre offers you:

Picturesque Views:

Five towns connected with hiking trails, green sloped vineyards, pastel coloured houses, grey pebbled beach, teal sky, glowing sun, blue Mediterranean and lovely people; altogether make Cinque Terre a must see destination. Sit on the rocks to soak in the high sea waves, lay along the beach for sun basking, have local wines with fish and basil sauce while observing the blue Mediterranean through trails perch into the sea; thus this is an Eden on earth.

Sea, Sun and Swim:

You would have a unique experience of swimming and diving in Cinque Terre because of its traditional landscape. Sit along the pebbled beach and observe the golden sky and sparkling waves or stay under your colourful umbrella to have some fresh olives, enjoy swimming even with kids easily in refreshing waters, or cliff dive in cobalt blue lagoons, thus rugged scenes would bring a magical calmness to the senses.

Adventurous Fishing:



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