Paintball Gear and Paintball Accessories

 Paintball Gear and Paintball Accessories


Paintball is an extreme sport. A paintball can travel at speeds of over three hundred feet per second, with the possibility of causing serious injuries. Therefore it’s important to take safety precautions. The head and face is the main part of the body that needs to be protected. Masks and goggles are the most important safety equipment available to 410 bore ammo for sale  paintball players. There is a wide variety of masks for sale, but you should make sure the mask you buy passes safety requirements outlined by authorities such as the DOT (Department Of Transport And Safety). Safety should be a priority when buying a mask.

As the sport develops, more accessories have been created to ensure players play in a safe environment. Knee pads, elbow pads and other protective paintball gear make it a safe game to play, despite its extreme sport image.

Many markers are highly customizable. More advanced players now have the option to customize their markers by changing barrels, tanks, stocks, hoppers and other components of their paintball markers.

A major component of paintball is the ammunition. Accuracy on the field depends on the quality of ammo used, so players should ensure they are using high quality and well-rounded balls. The main suppliers include JT Sports, Draxxus, Nelson, CORE and Evil.

Style has become part of the modern day game. As more people get involved, clothing and apparel also becomes important. Vests,  jerseys, gun bags, pants, t-shirts , gloves and hats are just some of the clothing items available to players and supporters. Each manufacturer has their own  accessories with their logos and designs.



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