Cyber Security Removal – Quickly and Safely Remove Cyber Security

Cyber Security Removal – Quickly and Safely Remove Cyber Security


Cyber Security is a fake antispyware program from the same family as the Total Security scam. This rogue antispyware program is spread through malicious websites and Trojan viruses. When you visit one of these malicious computercyber Germany   s websites, you are prompted with fake security alerts that trick you into downloading and installing Cyber Security. With a Trojan virus, this rogue antispyware program secretly installs itself. In both cases, this fake antispyware program will automatically scan your computer without your permission whenever Windows is restarted. This scan will report back numerous spyware and virus infections, which are all false. The purpose of the fake scan is to convince you to purchase Cyber Security in order to prevent your computer from further damage. Do not fall for this scam.

What Are The Symptoms of Cyber Security Infection?

Once your computer is infected with this fake antispyware program, the following symptoms will occur on your computer:

Automatic scanning of your computer whenever Windows is restarted and generation of a fake infection report.

Constant alerts and popups reporting that your computer is infected with spyware and viruses.

Internet browser is hijacked; you are redirected to malicious websites that try to trick you with scare tactics to purchase Cyber Security.

Fake Blue Screen of Death screen saver is installed that reports spyware is causing your system to crash.

Fake Windows Security Center warning messages that tell you to purchase this fake antispyware program.

The final and most dangerous symptom of this infection is that your antivirus and firewall software will be disabled. As a result, your system is completely vulnerable to additional virus and malware threats.

How To Remove Cyber Security?

This fake antispyware program can be manually removed by first stopping the CSC.exe process and then deleting its associated registry keys and files. Manual removal is a slow process and if the wrong registry key or file is deleted, then your operating system will be rendered useless. As a result, I recommend automatic removal which is quick and safe. Automatic removal involves downloading and installing a genuine spyware remover. Once the spyware remover is installed, you simply perform a scan and it will remove Cyber Security completely from your computer. An additional benefit of using the automatic removal method is that you now have a program that will prevent future spyware, Trojan virus, and other malware infections.


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