Wholesale Room Humidifier

Wholesale Room Humidifier

Humidifier for rooms

The humidity and moisture levels can be increased by a room humidifier. Humidity can be increased in your home to reduce dry air which can cause irritation and inflammation of the throat and nasal passages. The use of a room humidifier can reduce the symptoms of flu and colds, as well as help those suffering from asthma.

Humidified air can be inhaled in to increase the moisture content of the secretions in the upper respiratory tract. The secretions become vaporizer wholesale more fluid, making it easier to cough them up. The humidifier is only effective for the upper airway. The humidifier’s water vapor drops do not reach the lower airways. This includes the windpipe and trachea.

A steam humidifier was used in the past. The vaporizer is a newer humidifier that uses special energy waves to convert water into vapor. This produces smaller droplets than a steam humidifier. Any bacteria or mold found in the water or machine can also be killed by the energy waves.

To deliver medication to the airway, a special humidifier called a “nebulizer” can be used. The nebulizer is used often to treat asthma. The nebulizer produces smaller water droplets which can reach the small airways of the lungs. Some medications, like albuterol can be dispersed in water and administered with a Nebulizer.


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