Syria, Chemical Weapons, The UN, and The Continued Refugee Problem and Deaths


The United Nations, Russia, Syria, and the USA had come to arrangement for Syria to surrender its compound weapons – that is the uplifting news. In any case, there are a few unanswered inquiries – who approved the utilization of those weapons on regular folks and dissidents, and will anybody at any point be dealt with for it. Then, what might be said about the wide range of various killing, would we say we are to allow all that to go unnoticed, even with millions in evacuee camps and north of 150,000 currently dead? How about we talk will we?


The New York Times had a fascinating piece distributed on October 6, 2013 named; “Plan for Ridding Syria of Chemical Arms Includes Brute Force and Chemistry” by Michael R Gordon, which expresses a portion of the plans including tractors, killing synthetic .450 bushmaster ammo , investigations, and such all to be dealt with as soon as November, yet what number of additional individuals will kick the bucket before this is finished? Truly, this is basically a permit to keep killing, though another way, until it’s undeniably finished. Goodness, would we say we are truly approving all that?


On the off chance that it is to the greatest advantage of the relative multitude of different interests we have of freeing Syria of synthetic weapons, then, at that point, does that imply that having Syria’s Assad in power until that occupation is finished is likewise to our greatest advantage – assuming this is the case – that truly does represent an issue on another common liberties front, to be specific the killing of now exactly 150,000 Syrians by the system? Is it safe to say that anyone is worried about that?


On the off chance that we couldn’t care less about the butcher and couldn’t care less about the system, why not simply wipe out every last bit of it? See that point, what kind of crazy compromise are we making here, what might be said about our qualities, or is all that just BS, assuming this is the case, then, at that point, this UN Chemical weapons bargain is only a wiped out joke eventually. See that point? 3-wrongs don’t make a right, regardless of whether three remaining turns do the trick for a right turn – regardless of whether the energy squandered is a setback from the game. I should address, and a response would be proper.


Iran is as yet engaged with Syria, our partners are as yet mediating, and the fight ground for political will is killing 10s of thousands of individuals each two or three months. People? What they hell are the UN people doing? Settling on choices on the fly would one say one is thing, yet in the event that the final stage will not resolve these different issues, to what profit is a particularly essential objective in any case? Indeed, I truly trust you will hear my words and think about this – consider it.

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