Madden 13 Play: Gun Tight Flex – WR Cross

Madden 13 Play: Gun Tight Flex – WR Cross

To be a capable passer in Madden 13, you need to do much more than pick a well known play and remain optimistic. The distinction between a decent and extraordinary passing game in Madden is about the peruses you make, and there’s couple of plays that were better intended to help you for making the legitimate peruses than WR Cross from the Gun Tight Flex development.


Play Advantages: WR Cross is an exceptionally packed set that permits you to pinpoint confuses and misalignments on the field and rebuff your rival for them. It’s an incredible play to run assuming you have a ton of fast recipients than can cross the field rapidly, and ideal for a running back has the range of abilities to get down the field for a major increase.


Play Disadvantages: Because WR Cross is a compacted set, it is normal that large numbers of your passes will be in weighty rush hour gridlock. If you don’t   .243 ammo out, these kind of sets can confound you into making wayward tosses, which is the reason it’s vitally essential to guarantee you have a means of perusing and really taking a look at down collectors to track down the open man.


Peruse #1: Your “B” recipient heading down the center of the field ought to be your most memorable perused, and it is fabulous at dividing the securities in the profound center of the field. This is your most memorable perused on the grounds that this play will be perused in a “high-to-low” design, and it’s the most profound reasonable choice on the field.


Peruse #2: As your subsequent choice on the field, the “A” recipient running a getting design over the center is an ideal fit. In an ideal situation, your most memorable choice would have drawn inclusion where it counts the field and left an open space for your subsequent read. This is an extraordinary lose situation that will come down on zone protectors to accurately pick.


Peruse #3: While normally you will observe that your first and second peruses are open, on the off chance that they are not you have a basically third perused: The “Y” beneficiary intersection shallow to the opposite side of the field. This course is so shallow it even gets under your subsequent perused, and is an incredible safe choice that has a lot of opportunity to make partition with a quick beneficiary. The way that your initial two peruses are straight above it implies this course will have an outrageous measure of inclusion removed from it, leaving you totally open.


Peruse #4: If all else comes up short, your last choice is the running back flying out of the backfield. This choice isn’t only a checkdown, as it stirs things up around town and afterward turns where it counts the field. Regardless of whether you never arrive at your last perused in your pass movements, simply having this course being run will spread the protection out and let loose your initial three peruses much further.

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