Bug Out Bag Checklist

 Bug Out Bag Checklist


A bug out bag should provide the essential items you need in any survival situation. These BOB checklists will provide the essential survival items as well as some ideas o  .38 special ammo   specialized checklists. An expansion (or specialized checklist) is a group of items that with specific situations. These extra checklists will help you organize your bug out bag even better. Pack the specialized items in their own compartment so you can quickly leave behind the items you don’t need in your situation. Most of the time more gear is always better. The downside to carrying everything you can think of is weight. If weight is an issue you can ditch the non-essential items quickly.

Bare Survival Items


Shelter is a top priority because hypothermia and heat related illnesses can kill you within three hours (and possibly faster if conditions are extreme). Be sure you have a good poncho, sleeping bag, and waterproof bivy to keep you dry and warm. The clothing you wear on a day to day basis will contribute to the quality of your shelter. If you have a gortex coat and boots you’ll be much better off than if you’re stuck on the freeway with a cotton t-shirt and flip flops.


A stainless steel canteen can double as a container and pot to boil water. A good water filter will help you get clean water no matter your situation. Iodine can be less effective if there are bigger particles in the water as these particles can keep contaminates safe from the iodine pills. Two gallons of water a day per person is recommended. You can survive three days without water.


High calorie food rations will provide the energy you need. Trail mix also packs a lot of calories. Try to get at least 3,000 calories a day per person. You can survive three weeks without food.

Other Essential Items and Tools

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